The search for a calling lead Svetlana to the arts, where she began studying metal sculpture. However, taking a chance on a jewelry course to broaden her horizons ignited a passion for a smaller scale of meticulously wrought and wearable pieces. Svetlana immersed herself in an intensive study of goldsmithing, metal casting, fabrication, and design. Realizing that true mastery and depth can only come in good time, she spent eleven years honing her technique as a goldsmith here at Pavé Fine Jewelry. Svetlana has launched her own design and production studio, and we're honored to feature her work.

Svetlana's works are entirely hand fabricated – down to the clasps of necklaces and ear wires on earrings – so that every part, no matter how purely functional, carries the spirit of the overall design. Metallic surfaces are hand textured into various natural motifs and many pieces use fusing techniques to layer multiple colors and textures of gold and silver. Striking contrasts are achieved by juxtaposing black, oxidized Argentium silver with high-karat yellow and rose gold.

For Svetlana, each hand-crafted piece of jewelry is an opportunity to create a highly personal magical experience for the wearer. Her designs balance playfulness and elegance, the pursuit of craft anchored by a quality of materials and execution reserved for truly fine jewelry, bold choices to dazzle admirers along with subtle, hidden flourishes for the wearer to take private joy in.

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