Our highly talented team of designers at our Berkeley store is led by Susanne, who joined Pavé in 2010. Susanne has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years, i.e., her entire career, beginning at age 16 with a family business. Susanne has stayed in the jewelry industry because she loves that jewelry is an expressive art that can be used to for personal adornment, symbolism, or an amorous gesture, and she believes that designing jewelry allows the creative side to meet the personal.

Tony, GG

Tony started designing custom jewelry in Palm Beach, Florida for Tracy Kamenstein. He’s a Graduate Gemologist and crystal expert, with a lifelong passion for gems. Tony’s been in the jewelry industry for 13 years and came to Pavé in 2014.


A love of collecting jewelry while traveling the world led Jill to Pavé, who joined the team in 2017. A long career selling national media along with Jill’s experience with styling and merchandising in a high-end consignment boutique have made Jill a natural fit with the rest of the Pavé team.


Deborah joined the Pavé team in 2018 by way of art history and decorating. As a former film set decorator, Deborah understands the importance of placement —whether in a room or a piece of jewelry. As an art historian, Deborah enjoys the way ancient forms and styles inform our tastes today, and how age-old our infatuation with gemstones and adornment is. The mystery that precious gemstones embody enchants Deborah and she loves working with them! She has been in the fine jewelry industry for 10 years.