Joseph, GG

Our Berkeley team is headed by Joseph, a Graduate Gemologist who began at Pavé in 2014 after six years spent grading diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Joseph’s love affair with crystals and gems began in childhood, and in addition to his 12 years in the jewelry industry, Joseph ‘s background also includes award-winning landscape design, painting, and living art. In addition to being a Gemologist, Joseph is an Accredited Jewelry Professional.


Lauren’s background in theatre and costume design led her to the jewelry world, where she found her passion for designing meaningful pieces of adornment and symbolism. She’s inspired by historical styles, from Byzantine to 70’s glam, cultural motifs from Ancient Greece to Japanese pattern and the concept of wabi-sabi. She loves unexpected color combinations and visions of a place or time often guide her creative journey. She’s been with Pavé since 2013.

Tony, GG

Tony started designing custom jewelry in Palm Beach, Florida for Tracy Kamenstein. He’s a Graduate Gemologist and crystal expert, with a lifelong passion for gems. Tony’s been in the jewelry industry for 13 years and came to Pavé in 2014.

Courtney, GG

Our Berkeley store’s newest designer, Courtney’s been a custom jewelry designer for 10 years, and is a Graduate Gemologist as well as an Accredited Jewelry Professional, a Graduate Jeweler, and a member of the Women’s Jewelry Association. She’s the child of an artist and a craftsman and was raised to be a maker with an appreciation for nature’s beauty, both of which guide her design vision today. Courtney joined the Pavé team in 2017.