Our highly talented team of designers at our Oakland store is led by Susanne, who joined Pavé in 2010. Susanne has been in the jewelry industry for over 20 years, i.e., her entire career, beginning at age 16 with a family business. Susanne has stayed in the jewelry industry because she loves that jewelry is an expressive art that can be used to for personal adornment, symbolism, or an amorous gesture, and she believes that designing jewelry allows the creative side to meet the personal.

Lora, GG

Lora has been immersed in the jewelry world for 15 years. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a focus on Sculpture and Metal Arts, Lora worked in the fashion jewelry field, designing and creating models for clothing brands and runway jewelry while also creating her own jewelry to sell in galleries and craft shows. Lora has been with Pavé since 2011 and in that time has developed her rendering skills and earned her Graduate Gemologist Certificate. See more of Lora’s designs at

Sonja, GG

Sonja brings with her a design background from her native Switzerland, where she worked in visual merchandising. Sonja has played a principal role in cultivating the standards of aesthetic design and customer service for which Pavé has become known. She has been with Pavé since 1996 and is a Graduate Gemologist.


Thalia came to Pavé with a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles and a video-production background. An Oakland native, Thalia’s been with Pavé since 2016.

Cynthia, GG

Cynthia joined the team in 2017 and has an extensive knowledge of vintage and estate jewelry in addition to bench jeweler experience. She’s been in the jewelry industry for 15 years and is a Graduate Gemologist.


As a former ballerina and a lover of photography, Karlya is naturally drawn to movement, fluidity, flow and form and loves both traditional and modern organic design.  Her experience with fine jewelry comes from New York and Beverly Hills. Karlya joined the team in 2017 after many years in the industry.


A love of collecting jewelry while traveling the world led Jill to Pavé, who joined the team in 2017.  A long career selling national media along with Jill’s experience with styling and merchandising in a high-end consignment boutique have made Jill a natural fit with the rest of the Pavé team.