The Custom Design Process

Here at Pavé, we’re known for our love of color and have a wide selection of colored gemstones as well as rare colored diamonds. We also carry a large selection of fine white colorless diamonds in a variety of cuts, including antique and rose cut diamonds.

If we do not have the perfect diamond or gemstone in stock for you, we are happy to locate one from one of our trusted vendors. Then, our experienced design staff will lead you through the process of creating a design that reflects your unique style.

What You Can Expect When Choosing the Custom Design Process

You will meet with a designer to develop a drawing (or “rendering”) of your design. The designer may explore with you the purpose for your design, any personal symbolism and your most-loved design styles, and selection of metal type, gemstones, and components (chains, earring wires or mechanism, decorative clasps…the possibilities are endless!).

Then, if a wax model is part of your personal design process, we’ll carve one either by hand or by state-of-the-art CAD (computer aided design) depending upon the design requirements. Once the model is complete, we’ll show it to you to ensure correct fit and for your approval.

Finally, the wax is cast in the selected metal and hand-finished, followed by the setting of any gemstones.