Pavé is pleased to offer appraisals, and similar services.

Formal Appraisals

A formal appraisal is a legally-binding document, and some insurance companies require them. Check with your insurance company to find out exactly what kind of documentation they need in order to insure your piece.
These types of appraisals are priced at $150-$500 depending on the complexity of the piece.
We offer this service via an independent appraiser on a single date every 4 weeks or so (call us to see when our next appraisal clinic is scheduled), and after a piece has been thoroughly assessed, its documentation will be ready in hard copy 3-4 weeks later.

Point-of-Sale Report

In addition to a receipt, we can provide a Point-of-Sale Report at the time of purchase. This report will contain a photograph and detailed description of your piece on our letterhead. Many insurance companies will accept this report for insurance purposes.

Verbal Assessment

Our sales staff can give you a basic, verbal assessment of a piece purchased or acquired elsewhere, and we can provide you a trade or buy offer for the recycle value of the piece. Our sales staff cannot provide a monetary replacement value — in that case, a formal appraisal is required.

Gem identification and metal testing

Some of our designers are trained gemologists, and can use a series of scientific tests to identify your gemstone. 
We can also test your pieces in our workshop to determine whether or not they’re made of precious metal, and if so, which metal.

It is amazing how sensitive and intuitive their staff is when working with us. Both my wife and myself are "very happy campers." Thank you, Pavé.

- Saul & Ananda