Watch services

Pave offers watch repairs, including but not limited to:

  • Replacement of cracked watch crystals
  • Removal or addition of links in the watch’s bracelet, in order to shorten or lengthen
  • Replacement of watch batteries
  • Replacement of watch band
  • Renovation of internal mechanisms when a watch is failing to keep time

Most watch battery replacements and some watch band/bracelet services can be completed while you wait! We’ll provide you an ETA for all other services.


Pavé offers both machine- and hand-engraving. We offer complimentary machine-engraving for the inside of a ring or band when the piece is purchased from us. We also offer machine- or hand-engraving for other types of jewelry; for example, a signet ring, charm, or ID bracelet.

We can also re-engrave an existing engraving that has worn over time.


When a strand of pearls or beads has broken or stretched, we can restring it for you. Restringing is also necessary when you’d like to change the clasp on a strand. Consider whether you’d like the piece strung with knots between each bead, with knots between every few beads, or without any knots. Also remember that when a strand is restrung on silk (as most pearl strands are), it will be slightly shorter in length than it was before, as silk stretches over time.

It is amazing how sensitive and intuitive their staff is when working with us. Both my wife and myself are "very happy campers." Thank you, Pavé.

- Saul & Ananda