Prong Repair

Through the years, the condition of your ring may change. Whether you work with your hands a lot or not, your ring will go through normal wear and tear which could include the prongs wearing down.   Prongs will generally wear evenly though it’s possible that the prongs on the outside of the ring will wear down slightly faster.  

At Pave, our in-house goldsmiths can tip, repair a worn prong or do a full prong repair.  What’s the difference?

  • Tip repair is what we do when the metal has worn down but there is still metal covering the girdle.  We generally recommend re-tipping all prongs so that they appear uniform.

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  • A worn prong will have metal coming up to the girdle but no metal over the top of the gem.
  • A full prong repair is done when there is no metal touching anywhere near the girdle of the stone.   

Pricing for all of these options is dependent on the metal and the number of prongs.  

Please note that prong and tip repair require very high heat and only three faceted stones can take the heat: diamond, ruby and sapphire.  All other gems will need to be pulled prior to the work being done and will need to be reset.  This can result in additional fees.

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